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Commonwealth War Graves in Huntingdon

Commonwealth War Graves in Priory Road Cemetery, Huntingdon

The map below shows the location of soldiers from WW1 and WW2. The names and grave reference can be shown underneath the map. Each name has a link to a page dedicated to that soldier.

If you would like a heritage trail leaflet for the commonwealth war graves, you can download the pdf here: Commonwealth War Graves Leaflet.

WW1 Commonwealth War Graves

  1. Lance Corporal Ernest Mallett – Grave Ref: R.35
  2. Farrier Quartermaster Serjeant. Fraser Williams – Grave Ref: R.36
  3. Private Ernest Edward Howes – Grave Ref: R.37
  4. Lieutenant John Harry Caudell – Grave Ref: R.38
  5. Able Seaman Frederick Charles Rowe – Grave Ref: R.39
  6. Flight Cadet Henry Herbert Wade Ryan – Grave Ref: R.40
  7. Private Reginald George Atkins – Grave Ref: RR.35
  8. Driver John Harrow – Grave Ref: RR.36
  9. Private William Woodbine – Grave Ref: RR.37
  10. Private George Richard Angell – Grave Ref: RRR.35
  11. Sapper Ernest Lewis Albert Thomas – Grave Ref: RRR.36
  12. Cadet Stanley John Archer – Grave Ref: RRR.37
  13. Lance Corporal Richard Edward Woolley – Grave Ref: V.34x & VV.34a
  14. Second Lieutenant Peter Henry Oldridge – Grave Ref: VVV.36
  15. Second Lieutenant James Athol Gordon Duncan- Duncan Grave Ref: VVV.37
  16. Second Lieutenant Kenneth Wastell – Grave Ref: VVV.38
  17. Gunner (Signaller) P.T. Ray – Grave Ref: VVV.39a
  18. Trooper Eric Dilley – Grave Ref: F.24
  19. Lieutenant Harold Agnew Reaney – Grave Ref: LL.17
  20. Private Arthur Leslie Skinner – Grave Ref: KKK.21

    WW2 Commonwealth War Graves

    1. Gunner Robert John Dawson – Grave Ref: M.4
    2. Staff Sergeant William Charles Bavage – Grave Ref: MM.23
    3. Bombardier Cecil Herbert Ashley – Grave Ref: C.33
    4. Sergeant Basil Kinton – Grave Ref: Y.23
    5. Sergeant John Bentley Hammond – Grave Ref: YY.23
    6. Sergeant Franklin Thomas Sabourin – Grave Ref: YY.24
    7. Driver Joseph Alfred Snairs – Grave Ref: Y.24
    8. Pilot Officer Trevor Anthony Peeler – Grave Ref: RRRR.42
    today, tomorrow and beyond.
    today, tomorrow and beyond.
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