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Cremated Remains are harmful to soil

Huntingdon Crematorium Chapel

There has been a long belief that cremated remains are natural and harmless, with many believing that they are actually beneficial to plant and animal life.

Cremated remains are more like fossils.  They are composed of 100% bone, which is processed into fine particles following cremation.  The intense heat removes all organic matter and bacteria from the bone, sterilising the bones which in turn stops natural degradation.

Huntingdon Crematorium has established a relationship with The Faunus Group . They have developed soil that when mixed with cremated remains will neutralise the negative elements within the remains, whilst reintroducing specialised microbial culture.  These bacteria, enzymes and micro-organisms are essential to transition the bone fragments into safe, useable nutrients for the surrounding plants, trees and animal life.

Huntingdon Crematorium will use this soil whenever cremated remains are placed within the grounds to promote healthy plant growth, minimal replanting and plant longevity.
Results of this collaboration will be noticeable in the short term with healthy plant growth and for years to come as the larger trees and flora flourish.
True to our Green ethos of being one of the first UK’senvironmentally friendly Crematorium, this extends through the entire site and will be especially visible in the grounds as they mature to cultivate an oasis of peace and nature.

Estate Wildlife

As you spend time in the grounds keep your eye out for our friends that we share the area with.

Huntingdon Town Council are keen to promote biodiversity within all their estates and actively encourage natural breeding programs.

Let us know if you see anything as the grounds mature further.

Environmentally Friendly

Huntingdon Cemetery and Crematorium has been built from the ground with the environment in mind, our specially formulated soil used throughout the grounds, electric rather than gas cremator, on site nursery using reclaimed heat from the cremator, to the plants grown and used within the estate are all  fully compliant with the Councils sustainability & environment ethos.

The energy is supplied by renewably sourced electricity and solar panels. The cremator is less environmentally harmful and more energy-efficient than the gas-fired cremator. When green energy is used, the cremator can operate CO2 neutral.

This section will be updated in the very near future.

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