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Memorials & Living Memorials

Sapley Woods

The final resting place of a loved one’s cremated remains is an extremely important and personal decision and careful consideration should be given to all options available.  To help you with this process we can hold cremated remains for up to three months without charge, allowing you time to consider how you wish to remember your loved one, and ultimately what is to be the final resting place of their cremated remains.

Sapley Woods is the dedicated area of our grounds which has been set aside for scattering of cremated remains.  All remains prior to being laid to rest, are combined with return to nature soil to ensure the best environment is maintained for plants and micro organisms.

Sapley Woods

Huntingdon Crematorium Memorials

Huntingdon Memorial Garden Circle

The Memorial Gardens will be landscaped with footpaths and herbaceous plants and borders.   A memorial niche wall will be installed to allow two sets of cremated remains to be placed together behind a plaque.

There will be a traditional memorial wall with plaques that can be inscribed, whilst the cremated remains can either be removed from the crematorium and taken home, or laid to rest within a specified area of the cemetery/gardens.

today, tomorrow and beyond.

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