Cadet Stanley John Archer

Cadet Stanley John Archer

Stanley John Archer was born on 18 August 1897 in Hertfordshire, to Alice Jane Ternay, age 29, and Albert John Archer, age 25.

In 1916 Stanley married Alice Dora Louisa Peacock who was born in Godmanchester, Huntingdon in 1897. Stanley and Alice were only married for two years before he died, but they had a child Irene Doris Doreen Archer, born in September 1917 in Huntingdon.

Stanley enlisted in the army for WW1 in 1914. He transferred between quite a few regiments – Hertfordshire Regiment, Hertfordshire Yeomanry, Dorset Yeomanry, Lancashire Fusiliers and finally The Royal Air Force Cadets. 

Cadet Archer was entitled to wear a “Wound Stripe” as authorised under Army Order 204 of 6th July 1916. A ‘Wound Stripe’ is a distinction of dress bestowed on soldiers wounded in combat

Unfortunately Stanley contracted influenza in the great flu epidemic of 1918 along with Bronco Pneumonia and was in Shorncliff military hospital for 19 days before he died on 7 November 1918 age 21.

He is buried in grave number RRR.37 in Priory Road Cemetery in Huntingdon.

Cadet Stanley John Archer

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