The Chapel seats 100 on the ground floor with a further 20 seats on the mezzanine which can be
accessed from either side of the chapel. Please be aware that the chapel does not have
committal curtains or voiles.

Media Services

The chapel has media facilities such as music,
webcasting and visual tribute supplied by Obitus.
Waiting room
The waiting room has a screen to display the service in
the event of services with very large attendance (and an
additional screen in the foyer) and plenty of standing
space to accommodate mourners. There is also seating
for families waiting for services to begin.

Viewing Room

There is a secure viewing room for supervised mourners or to provide an area for mourners with
distressed children to view the service without disturbing the service. It can only be accessed via
the chapel so please ensure that anyone needing to use the room arrives prior to the service
starting. Please also inform the crematorium office prior to the day of the service if anyone is
needing to use this room so that we can ensure that the room is available. Mourners with
distressed children can either use the waiting room or the viewing room (providing it is
unoccupied) during the service.

Chapel Attendant’s Room

The chapel attendant’s room can be accessed via a door in the hallway from the bearer’s and
officiant’s rooms and is also accessible by a door from the chapel.

The bearer’s room and vestry

These are to the left of the entrance to the chapel


Toilets can be accessed via the waiting room.

Viewing the chapel

If you, or any of your families would like to view the chapel, please contact the Office to make an