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Community Open Day – Saturday 11th June 2022

 Huntingdon Crematorium opened its doors to the public on Saturday from 10am to 12pm to give people the opportunity to view the facilities and for staff to show them around the premises.

 Small groups were led by crematorium staff on tours of the chapel and crematory area where staff explained all the processes that take place at the crematorium from booking the service, to receipt and process of paperwork to the arrival of the deceased and the work that takes place in the background to ensure that services run smoothly and according to plan.

 The groups were then shown around the crematory area to see the crematorium’s state of the art electric cremators and the cremation process was explained from the moment the deceased is transferred to the crematory area to the point where ashes are collected.

 The environmental ethos of the crematorium was explained, and tours were shown the council depot and greenhouses where the rainwater harvesting, and composting takes place and how we use the heat from the cremators to power the chapel, the council depot and greenhouses.

 Woodland Wishes Independent Green Funeral Services and the Co-Op took part in the open day and the Co-Op were very helpful in explaining to attendees, what happens from when a deceased is collected to arrival at the crematorium.

 The Co-Op and Woodland Wishes were on hand to answer any questions relating to arrangement of funerals and care of the deceased prior to arrival at the crematorium. 












Tours ended at the crematorium wake facility, Sapley Lodge, for light refreshments.

 The open day was very successful, and we are planning to provide this service at least once every year as it provides the local community with the opportunity to ask questions about the whole process and learn about the support that the crematorium can offer during the difficult time of bereavement.

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